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Orange Digital Marketing is a digital agency located in Toronto, Canada. Since 2004 we’ve helped make a remarkable impact on many local and international organizations, by developing exciting creative strategies that build connections, grow sales, and improve brands.

Our story began when our clients started to compare apple to apples, that’s when we realized that we’re an Orange.

We’re a growing team of experts with lots of talent and a great track record. We’re the reliable marketing partner you’ve been looking for.

Who We Help

We’ve delivered great results for all types of
organizations and causes including many:

  • Businesses & Retailers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start Ups
  • Not-for-Profits & Charities

Ready to make a big impact? Orange Digital Marketing
has the talent you need to get results.

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Comprehensive Integrated Marketing Solutions

We go beyond just a single idea or goal. To achieve the best results we spend time to understand how your various marketing activities interact and support each other. We take a complete integrated approach including: Strategy, implementing, measuring and enhancing.More about The Orange Approach



Thinking… Differently. Creatively. and Deliberately

Beyond results, we take pride in doing the little things that others don’t.

  • Our Experience – with over 1000 projects since since 2004
  • Creative & Strategic – the right right mix for your success
  • Attention to Detail – because success is in the little details
  • Accountability – by providing a return on investment

Our Unique Client For Life Program TM

The Client For Life ProgramTM is a new and unique way to approach your marketing.

We value relationships (not just one time transactions) and those relationships come with our commitment to meet regularly to discuss, evaluate, and plan your marketing. We make a proactive effort to suggest new ideas and tactics, stay on top of the latest trends, and to provide valuable insights and strategies for your business.

Our industry peers think we’re crazy, but we enjoy setting new trends and being different .

Become a Client For Life
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Real Clients Experiencing Astounding Results

“We went from a measly 5% to a whopping 65% of our business in only 2 years.”
-D.C, Markham
“The website now brings us 98% of our business without it we wouldn’t be in business”
-Dan, Toronto
“The leads from the internet have not just increased, they are better quality and are sales have gone up
-P.G, Toronto
The reaction we get with our new website is amazing. People now know that we are a professional company
-Ed B Concord, Ontario



Discover how you can become Orange, speak with our Marketing Specialists.

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