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Do Testimonials Actually Work?

When I meet businesses for a consultation I'm always happy to answer questions that they have about their website. One of the most common questions people ask me is, "do testimonials actually work"?

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The 7 most frustrating mistakes people make on their website

We have all been on a website looking for a piece of information or trying to perform an action only to find ourselves getting more frustrated with the company that is seemingly trying to

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Creating Competitive Advantage

What is your competitive advantage?

Well we focus on providing a good service…If I ask your competitor down the street if they provide a good service what will he/she say? Probably they will also say they

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Being Reliable in a World of Chaos

Many people find it very frustrating how unreliable people are today.  We live in a fast paced world with lot’s of potential for things to go wrong, but that is no excuse to not

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Are You Leveraging Passion?

Last week I had a very interesting business meeting. I met with a potential supplier because they called me on the phone and showed genuine interest in doing business with me. The hook

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