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Creating Competitive Advantage

What is your competitive advantage?

Well we focus on providing a good service…If I ask your competitor down the street if they provide a good service what will he/she say? Probably they will also say they […]

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Being Reliable in a World of Chaos

Many people find it very frustrating how unreliable people are today.  We live in a fast paced world with lot’s of potential for things to go wrong, but that is no excuse to not […]

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Are You Leveraging Passion?

Last week I had a very interesting business meeting. I met with a potential supplier because they called me on the phone and showed genuine interest in doing business with me. The hook […]

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Being Orange with Wisdom from Brian Tracy

On Tuesday April 24th 2012 I had the pleasure of attending a full day seminar with sales training legend Brian Tracy. Brian spent the day teaching over 400 people the art of selling […]

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What Business Owners and University Students Have in Common

Running a web design and marketing company puts me in front of a lot of business owners.  I typically will meet with 10 new businesses each week to learn more about what they do.  […]