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Jim Collins – Do What You Love

Sadly there are numbers circulating that say anywhere from 40% to 80% of people are not happy at their job.   While an exact number even when surveys are done properly is hard to accept […]

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Steve Jobs Shows His Orange Side

In June of 2005 Steve Jobs spoke on the topic of How to Live Before You Die at his Stanford Universities commencement speech.  Whenever a business icon gives a speech, it allows us to […]

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Youth in Motion Day of Entrepreunership

Yesterday I had the pleasure of helping out (it is international volunteer week) by being a career role model for Youth in Motion.  The event had over 150 students from grades 7-10, and was […]

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When Being Too Different Doesn’t Help

It can be a big struggle to break out of the mold society places around us and strive for uniqueness.  We have to remember that being unique and standing out is valuable when properly executed, […]

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Creating and Living Your Personal Brand With Bobby Umar

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of being one of the guest speakers at the York University New College Council 2nd Annual Business Conference.  The goal of the conference was to have business owners […]