It can be a big struggle to break out of the mold society places around us and strive for uniqueness.  We have to remember that being unique and standing out is valuable when properly executed, however sometimes in our search for differentiation we become unrelatable to our audience and end up going too far turning our uniqueness into a disadvantage.

Besides the fact that her business idea is ridiculous and a product that no one would buy, here are some of things that could have been done to improve her pitch. 

  1. Dress professionaly – This was a business environment and you can see from the way the audience dressed what the attire should have been.  This is not to say that you can’t show your uniqueness with your clothes, but that is not a contradiction with dressing professionally.
  2. Presentation – She tried to make a joke about doing the presentation free form because they were probably bored of powerpoint, but this made it harder to follow the screen and was too plain.  Colour and images create emotion which enhance presentations.
  3. Language – In a business environment it’s important to use appropriate language.  Saying “like” a lot and a lack of business terms shows that she may not be capable of running the company.  How you communicate is an expression of how you think and potentially how successful you will be. 

While it is honourable that she is following her dream and trying to improve the world through air with positive energy, I think she and all of us have to remember to find a balance between what makes us unique and what are the similarities that we need to be relatable, likable, and credible with others.