Last week I had a very interesting business meeting. I met with a potential supplier because they called me on the phone and showed genuine interest in doing business with me. The hook was that he believed he could save me money. Like most people I’m always interested in saving money.

Our meeting went well and as it turned out not only did I do business with him, I also sent him a referral that also did business with him.

The interesting part is that he wasn’t a good sales person. He didn’t have a smooth line for each objection that I had. He didn’t bring in an amazing presentation. He didn’t use most of the sales techniques that people are taught in seminars and books. Instead he did one thing that I’ve found rare in sales people.

He Sold With Passion

Throughout the whole meeting he was genuinely enthusiastic about the product he was selling and the service he was offering. He wanted to help me as his customer so badly that you could hear it in his voice. His passion was contagious and it made me want to work with him.

Everyone is passionate about something. When you talk to someone about what they are passionate about their face lights up and they start talking faster. They hook you in to the topic and make you want to know more. Their interest becomes your interest. We all want to have more passion in our lives and this makes us attractive to people that are able to communicate their passion.

What would your sales be like if you found a way to sell with passion? Are you excited to meet a new customer? Do you really believe that you’re helping them and making the world a better place?

Sometimes we get so stuck in our business that we just go through the motions and we are so focused on hitting targets and making money that we forget why we started in the first place. Try to remember the passion that you had when you first started. Bring back those emotions and communicate this excitement to the next prospect you meet.

Find a way to bring your passion back and watch your success skyrocket.