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A Simple and Authentic Thank You

Sometimes we get so caught up with doing great things, and try so hard to stand out that we forget the basics.  Instead of always worrying about what's next, we can all benefit from […]

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Creating a 30 Day Challenge with Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts is software engineer who has been working for Google since January 2000. He showed his orange side by blogging as an aside to his job at Google creating a large following of […]

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Start from the Beginning

Yesterday I was meeting with an associate of mine that does coaching for small businesses.  We were having a discussion about marketing and I was showing him our new presentation on the 6 Essential […]

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Colour Associations and the Power of Orange

Colour is one of the many things that makes our world so beautiful.  It creates variety in what we see and allows us to quickly recognize things that are different.   Not only can we create rapid recognition through […]

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Groupon, Living Social, Wag Jag and the Unoriginal Rest

In October of 2008 Groupon launched it’s group buying platform in Chicago and was met with wild success. In just under 3 years they have grown to an email list of upwards of […]