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Keeping in Touch

Relationships are defined by frequency and quality of communication. There are many different ways to communicate but few can match email in their cost effectiveness and view rate. This is why email marketing is one of the most underutilized tools in today’s marketplace.

Why Use Email Marketing

Many small – medium size businesses benefit from email marketing. It is one of the most cost effective ways to get your message out to your prospects, existing customers, and past customers.

Some of the main benefits of email marketing include:

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  • Increase Contact With Prospects
    to convert them to leads
  • Educate Your Audience
    to be viewed as an industry expert
  • Increase Conversions
    with timely messages that wait until the prospect is ready.
  • Up Sell and Cross Sell
    to existing customers
  • Encourage People
    to visit your website and more…

The Dark Side of Emails

Unfortunately when we think of emails the first thing that comes to mind is SPAM.

Many companies don’t understand how to engage customers effectively and end up getting skimmed over, blacklisted, or ignored. The companies that discover how to be relevant in the mind of the customers are the ones that grow.

Our job is to help you create that relevancy through our Orange Email Marketing Strategy.

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Our Email Marketing Services

Orange Digital Marketing can help improve your email marketing, here’s how:

  • Email Software Selection
    with a variety of email providers.
  • Setup and Implementation
    that is quick and easy.
  • Marketing Strategies
    including list building and content blueprints.
  • Custom Branded Templates
    to communicate your message effectively.
  • Content Creation and Delivery
    to help you from start to finish
  • Email Automation
    email the right people at the right time



Discover how your marketing can return better results
with a proper email marketing strategy

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