Technical Scope Documentation

Before You Build Create the Plan

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Are you looking into building a custom website idea that involves complex programming?

Every year thousands of startups try to create the next Facebook, Youtube, or Google. Many of them get frustrated with development that takes too long, is over their budget, contains errors and is missing features that are essential to the sites success. Whether you have the next big idea or just a new cool application for the web it’s important to first create the right scope document to understand the size and complexity of the project.

The Blueprint for Success

There are many different ways to build a house but no matter how good a builder is he will always start with a blueprint. The blueprint allows you to solidify your idea in the early stage and through proper planning you are able to

Avoid potential pitfalls that will cost you time and money.

By designing a professional scope document you will have the information needed for the optimal way to bringing your web idea into reality.

Get Your Professional
Scope Document >

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Our Scope Documentation Services Include:

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  • One-on-One Meetings
    to outline your goals and make communication clear.
  • Full Documentation
    outlining the scope of the site and the pieces that are necessary to build it with an expected timeline of development and cost estimates.
  • Technology Research and Recommendations
    into technology platform to be used.
  • Wireframes
    so you can visualize the end product and make strategic decisions.
  • Business Model Recommendations
    for monetizing your idea.
  • Marketing Strategies
    to ensure the site is successful.



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