When looking for bad apples you don’t have to look far in the online dating world.  Online dating has flourished in the last couple of years because it’s easy to sign up and get started, it’s fast to go through profiles and eliminate people, and it can be done while in your boxers in the middle of the night.

While these features make online dating sites very attractive to the average dater there is a big problem that is quickly noticed for anyone who has ever scanned through profiles of the opposite sex.  Most of us like to think that we are not so picky when it comes to looks (but our search for only profiles with pics says otherwise), unfortunately it becomes very difficult to judge anything else.


Because all of the profiles seem to say the same thing with the words changed up a bit.

“I like to go out for a night on the town, but also like to sit at home and be comfortable on the couch. I’m funny, smart, and my friends really like me.”

With the goal of trying to find a commonality with someone of the opposite sex we create such broad generic profiles that really tell nothing about who we are.  Read that line again and you’ll realize that probably 90% of the population agrees with all of those things, and the proof of this is that they all say it on their profiles.  The problem is that we are not interested in dating 90% of the population, we are interested in people that have more meaningful commonalities like life goals, beliefs, and values.

Whose going to share that information on a dating site?

Probably not many people but I’d be willing to bet that the one’s that do probably get messaged by better quality matches for them.

We also have to show our personality and what makes us unique.  There are thousands of profiles and if you don’t try to stand out, you’ll get lost in the crowd.  So don’t be an online dating bad apple.  Describe who you really are in your own words.  Put some depth and thought into your profile and you might just be rewarded by finding the right person that likes you for you.